Players - Of course, every tournament is played by players, so each player must be added to the system. So in the Players-> Player List menu there is an intuitive table where you can add, edit or delete individual players.
CAUTION WARNING - if someone is discouraged by using another organizing system tournaments and does not want to add each player again, including team and birth number, so if he sends me his list, I will put this list under his login into his list of players and make it easy for him to enter a few hundred players, for example. For more info, write to my

Tournaments (new tournament) - and if we already have some players in the system, we can go to tournaments.
So in the Tournaments-> Tournaments is a list of all my tournaments. Intuitively, clicking the New Tournament button will pop up the form to create a new tournament. There is a lot of information, but it is necessary to practically fill them only 3 items, namely Tournament Name, Date and Tournament Type. The remaining items are only additional for more detailed tournament information. Not only for tournament series organizers, I recommend reading the Tournament Template Help, which will make it easier to fill in the same tournament data. After entering this data, click Create Tournament and the tournament is created.

Tournaments {Playing Players) - If we have a tournament created, we need to enter the players to play the tournament. At the top of the screen we have summary information about the tournament, the Down button below, and two tables below. One with a list of playing players and the other with a list of all my players. For example, if there is a new player I do not have in the system, I can fill it directly here in the list of all the players and I do not have to go to another part of the system. For each non-playing player on the list of all players, the to move the player to the list of players. In this list, the play list of the player. In addition, there are and , which you can check with each player whether they paid a starting fee or not

Tournaments {Draw) - If all players are logged in, simply click the Ladder button to draw the tournament. A single-sided or double-sided spider is created and each player is randomly assigned to the spider. If someone does not like the layout, the tournament can be re-drawn or if someone comes later and is not on the list of players and wants to play, then this player can also be helped in the tournament. Note that during the adjoining process, the position to which the new player is attached is free, so it is necessary to cancel the played matches that lead through the position (the recruitment is not accidental, but it is placed in the lowest free position - Normally drawn players are the 13th player in position 13) - and at this time it is also not possible to add to it if the spider's power is changed by the helper (ie there is no possibility in the 16th spider to get the 17th player - but I will do this sometime in the future )

Tournaments {tournament progress) - so we're drawn and now we are waiting for the longest but lightest part of the tournament. In each position, you can click with the left button and click on the menu to see what can be done with that position. Intuitively, each player can win or lose a game and clicks to move to the next position. The match can start, so the match will be colored differently, if I can cancel the winner and the loser, but be careful that all the next positions of the match (both won and lost) are free - just for someone not to break the match somewhere in the middle of the played spider more x matches have already been played

Tournaments (Scoreboard) - Well, when the tournament is played and all matches played, it is possible to save the results. Be careful, after saving, it is no longer possible to edit individual spider matches. But it is possible to export the result list to PDF, and the spider can also be exported to PDF. If someone wanted additional formats to choose what to store and let me know on mejl Home And boldly organize tournaments, the system is still a few cool things that you now description

User ID - for other things to write about, you need to know the user ID. Anyone who has a login and password also has their User ID that they find when they click their name to expand their menu and click on the My Profile menu. It can change its data in it, but it also sees its ID, which each user has different. This Id can be used in the following things

Players Groups - can be used when you want to share your players, for example, with another user. E.g. when you both run a tournament for the same players, so they do not have to have their own list of players, but they can have their own. For example, I plan to make a group of SHIPARI players, which I share with the authorized tournament organizers and which will be added to the darts tournament players. And practically all of these organizers will be able to access this database and will not have to fill in a new player if someone new comes but has already been in a tournament in some other region

Tournament Templates - they are great not only for tournament series organizers. The organizer will pre-fill out the tournament information, all the detailed information, including scoring and everything, and then, when entering a new tournament, will only select this template and complete the tournament information. There is also a possibility to enter a periodicity when the round of the tournament or different points is automatically filled in. Do not try it yourself and you will see it, but it is definitely worth trying (at least at tournament series organizers)

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