Tournaments organization

Welcome to, which will make it easier for you to organize tournaments (single-sided and double-sided draws to count 128 players). New is possible organize tournaments in system everybody with everybody

PAY ATTENTION - new possible tournaments everybody with everybody. So when a few people come to tournament, you have not write tournament to the paper and can you organize it here ;)

6 short YES why use these pages

  • no paper spiders anymore, just connect to the internet and tablet or mobile (and the notebook would go:)
  • all saved - if the Internet disconnects or the notebook restarts, you can easily return to the tournament without losing any tournament data
  • All players can look at the internet for ongoing results or events during the tournament. play plan without having to go to the referee table
  • at any time you can comfortably join and look back at how any tournament you have run is
  • results and resulting spider exported to PDF or other formats
  • individual matches can be applied to specific targets, so there is no concern about which target is free or where the player plays (usable mainly for larger tournaments)

  • Before first run, I recommend visiting the Help link, which will make it easier for you to get started with the system. Help also contains instructional videos, so anyone who does not like to read can just play a video and watch what's going on:)

    Although the system is so intuitive that more capable individuals can handle basic functions without help:

    So, hurry to sign up and go tournaments

    The sites are still in the test mode and apparently will remain so until the end of 2017, so I do not have much time for the creation, so please excuse me for mistakes and graphics or other shortcomings. you will find a bug or a lack or something you would like to add, so please let me know about it in comments in news with news article - thank you

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